Geotechnical Division

Geotechnical Engineering & Design

STATS provides a large range of geotechnical services for temporary and permanent excavation  and construction work in relation to the ground preparation and borrow pit material, including:

  • Geotechnical investigation sampling and testing in accordance with AS 1726
  • Residential Site Classifications in accordance with AS 2870
  • Ground improvement, soil stabilisation and underpinning design
  • Earthwork specifications, supervision, certification and compaction control
  • Geotechnical works for Mine crushers, stackers, reclaimers train load out and ROM pads
  • Soil bearing capacity, settlement estimation and slope stability analysis using 2D and 3D FEM models
  • Geotechnical analysis and foundation design for pads, strip footings and piles
  • Environmental expertise, including that of Site Contamination evaluation and sampling, and Acid Sulphate Soil assessment

Geotechnical Site & Field Investigation Work

Our Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists and Environmental Scientists assist the Owners and Consultants in all types of civil engineering projects, building and bridges development. With our allies and subcontractors, we have the capability to undertake:

Preliminary Assessment

  • Geology mapping, feasibility analysis and desktop studies
  • Conduct walk over site surveys to determine feasibility of development
  • Incorporate the use of non-destructive mapping tools such as Ground Penetrating Radar, Complex Resistivity and Seismic techniques to identify geo hazards
  • Obtain Dial Before U Dig information and or engage cable locators to map the location of underground services

Detailed Assessment and Field Work

  • Conduct shallow test pits, dipping and trenching work with the use of mechanical machinery excavator/backhoe or  hand held auger equipment
  • Conduct exploratory borehole drilling work with the use of Geotechnical SPT rig
  • Deep probing and testing work with the use of Geotechnical CPT truck
  • Geotechnical field testing including, Plate Load, Light Drop Weight, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, insitu CBR and compaction control testing
  • Infiltration and Permeability tests using surface and Borehole Permeameters
  • Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring for open cut slope movement, pore pressure variations and settlement trends
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