Pavement Division

Pavement Engineering & Design

STATS provides pavement condition evaluation and design work including:

  • Condition surveys to identify the causes of Pavement distress,  types of deterioration and failures
  • Evaluate existing and new road extension/widening work on its load carrying capacity and serviceable life with the use of Mechanistic Empirical Design and FEM Modelling
  • Pavement design work for hardstand, haul roads, local roads and highways
  • Verify suitable methods of stabilisation for reactive materials by incorporating laboratory test programmes

Pavement Site & Field Investigation

Our pavement Engineers and Technicians carry out field sampling and testing work including:

  • Shallow test pitting and dipping work with the use of mechanical machinery excavator/backhoe with auger head attachment or sawing and cutting machinery
  • Determination of pavement layer thickness, pavement characteristics and strength
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests, Falling Weight Deflectometer, Heavy Weight Deflectometer, Ground Penetrating Radar systems, and Multi-beam Laser Profilometer for data collection and design verification
  • Identification of suitable quarry and borrow pit materials for pavement construction

Laboratory Work

  • Laboratory tests for undisturbed and bulk samples conducted in accordance with AS, ASTM, DIN and Euro Standards
  • Laboratory tests are NATA accredited.


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