Asset Infrastructure Management

STATS, along with its WALGA Asset Management Panel partner, Asset Infrastructure Management (ASSETIM), provides asset management services for Local Government assets from Stormwater Drainage Systems to Buildings in the form of cost savings to the client through combining the synergies and overlapping between the two disciplines.

We believe in offering technical services based on:

  • Technically proficient solutions
  • Environmentally and feasibly sustainable solutions
  • Minimal risk to the City, Inspectors and the Public.

A well developed and organised asset management planning strategy is very important to all asset owners and requires a comprehensive understanding of the design life cycle, depreciation costs and values of infrastructure assets, which will further affect the overall performance or usage of the assets.  STATS and ASSETIM have been assisting Local Government with the inspection and management of infrastructure assets consisting of roads and bridges, wastewater and stormwater networks, property assets and park assets. STATS and ASSETIM also have capabilities in the preparation of repair and rehabilitation schemes for the assets in order to restore their performance/service life.

Our set objective addresses the following minimal scope:

  • Reviewing and updating the recorded asset inventory and spatial data
  • Determining and recording a condition rating value for each component/asset
  • Identifying and recording any potential safety or maintenance defects
  • Providing updated industry based unit replacement costs for each component/asset
  • Producing an asset network valuation
  • Providing a robust valuation methodology for the Client’s future use
  • Providing all electronic data, valuations and project report to the Client.
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