Concrete Evaluation & Repair

STATS and Next Gen Concrete Services (NGC), are a multi-disciplinary specialist consultant and repair contractor which provide a unique range of services from investigation, testing and diagnosis, to providing unique and innovative repair and strengthening solutions for the industry.

Our primary customer base comprises of Developers, Facility Managers, Consultants and Contractors, including the State and Local Government.

We are managed by a team of professionals with sound academic qualifications, rich professional experience and extensive technical knowledge in design, construction and material properties.

We provide a unique, economical and feasible repair solution, with our approach built on SALTS:

  • Survey and mapping to determine the types and extent of failures / deterioration
  • Assessment ¬†using both intrusive and non destructive tests, to determine¬† the causes of the defects
  • Laboratory Tests to verify the strength and durability of the structure
  • Strengthening and Repair works, based on our findings

Non Destructive Testing services include:

  • Cover Meter Survey to determine concrete cover
  • Ground Penetrating Radar survey to determine reinforcement position, cover and concrete deterioration
  • Half Cell Potential and Resistivity testing to estimate the probable rate of corrosion
  • Coring and compressive strength tests to determine concrete properties
  • Chemical analysis
  • Carbonation analysis
  • Concrete petrography analysis to determine any ASR or AAR issues (concrete cancer)
  • Slip Resistance Test

Strengthening and Repair services includes:

  • Reinforced concrete repair
  • Structural strengthening (plate bonding, carbon fibre)
  • Crack repair
  • Industrial grouting
  • Surface coatings including architectural flooring, water proofing, PVC roofing membranes and non slip floor treatment
  • Joint sealing
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