Project Management and Site Remediation

STATS provides Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Geotechnical Supervisory and Certification Work for Residential and small Commercial Earthworks Development.

With our extensive experience in Project Management and Earthworks Supervision, we have the capability to undertake Site Remediation works such as Site Earthworks Compaction, Field Compaction Testing and Geotechnical Certification work, as a one stop shop solution provider.

Adequate Compaction Works are required because:

  • Applying an external mechanical energy to a soil (compaction) leads to a rearrangement of the soil particles and reduction of voids.
  • Compaction reduces settlement under working loads.
  • Compaction increases the shear strength of the soils and thus, the soil bearing capacity.
  • By reducing the voids, the compacted soils become more impermeable, thus reducing problems resulting from ground water fluctuations.
  • Compaction also reduces large pore pressures increases, that can lead to liquefaction from earthquake forces.

By ensuring the ground has adequate “at depth” compaction, you minimize the risk of potential building failures and defects and long term repair/maintenance work, from differential settlements in the footings.

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