Residential & Commercial Development

STATS provides solutions for our Clients such as :

  • Geotechnical Site Classification in accordance with the provisions & definitions of AS 2870
  • Recommendations on drainage, groundwater, onsite or off site stormwater discharge
  • Earthquake Site Classifications
  • Recommendations on design parameters for retaining wall structures
  • Recommendations for suitable foundation system types
  • Estimations for short and long-term settlements
  • Design of suitable underpinning foundation systems
  • Design of methods of soil improvement and stabilisation techniques

For buildings undergoing refurbishment and/or conversion, STATS provides the following information and solutions for our Clients:

  • Strength and Durability Assessment for existing building structures and elements
  • Conduct nondestructive concrete tests such as Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Half Cell Potential and Concrete Resistivity tests
  • Recommendations on suitable methods of repair and strengthening
  • Recommendations on suitable repair materials to be used

STATS services are specifically tailored to complement design assumptions and information provided by Consulting Engineers and Architects through incorporating specialist Engineering expertise and knowledge of materials for use by the project teams.

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