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Field Tests (Non Destructive)

It is important to incorporate sampling, non destructive tests and laboratory tests results to supplement the visual inspection work. STATS offers a wide range of non-destructive testing techniques
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (Concrete Cover, Reinforcement Detection, Voids/Cavities)
  • Plate Bearing Tests (Load settlement relationship – footing soils bearing capacity)
  • CPT (Compaction Control, forensic investigation for deep seated issues, Tip Resistance)
  • Concrete cores extraction (Concrete Strength and Durability)
  • Corromap Survey (Half Cell Potential, Rate of Corrosion, Concrete Resistance)
  • Concrete Resistivity (Durability)
  • Slip tests (Tiles/wearing surface slippery property)
  • Field Humidity tests (Prior to the laying of floor covers)
  • Rebound Hammer Test (concrete strength estimation)
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (Concrete durability assessment)
  • Impact Echo Test (Elemental thickness assessment)
  • Field Carbonation Test (Concrete durability assessment)
  • Pull Out Test (Concrete durability assessment)
Field Tests - Plate Bearing tests – existing footings
Plate Bearing tests – existing footings
Field Tests - CPT probing within existing structure
CPT probing within existing structure
Field Tests - Coring to expose slab and subsoils
Coring to expose slab and subsoils
Field Tests - Corromap Survey - Corrosion
Corromap Survey – Corrosion
Field Tests - Concrete Resistivity measurement
Concrete Resistivity measurement
Field Tests - GPR survey
GPR survey
Field Tests - Cores Extraction
Cores Extraction
Field Tests - Field Humidity Measurement
Field Humidity Measurement
Field Tests - Floor Surface Slip Test
Floor Surface Slip Test
Field Tests - Tendon exposure and examination
Tendon exposure and examination
Field Tests - Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurement
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurement
Field Tests - Rebound Hammer Test
Rebound Hammer Test
Field Tests - Impact Echo Test
Impact Echo Test
Field Tests - Field Carbonation Test
Field Carbonation Test
Field Tests - Dolly attachment – coating Pull Out Test
Dolly attachment – coating Pull Out Test


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