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Forensic Investigation

We would like to believe we live in a perfect world but there are occasions whereby constructed structures and the engineering science and theories behind do not correlate and perform as expected.
This leads to observed engineering failures and may take place in the form of excessive settlement, deflection, failures, with or without further supporting structural distortion or even collapse, causing loss of integrity or damages. There are several factors that a Forensic Engineer will need to collate, analyse and review, and recommend the most suitable safe and accurate method of carrying out a detail inspection, conduct Field Tests and collect samples for further detail laboratory tests.

Forensic Engineers are commonly involved as the Expert Witness in litigation cases where the courts rely upon opinions of experts to provide technical explanations to explain the causes of failures. STATS engineers have a sound understanding of engineering principals and carry out further assessment of materials and construction specifications, analysis, construction processes, design models adopted and also the possible effects of unpredicted environmental causes that lead to the observed failures.

Forensic Investigation - Slope failure assessment
Slope failure assessment
Forensic Investigation - Slope failure assessment
Slope failure assessment
Forensic Investigation - Pavement failure assessment
Pavement failure assessment
Forensic Investigation - Cliff stability assessment
Cliff stability assessment
Forensic Investigation - Bridge assessment
Bridge assessment
Forensic Investigation - Hardstand pavement assessment
Hardstand pavement assessment


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