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Ground conditions relating to open cut excavation and construction activities can be unstable.
This is often exacerbated by fluctuations to perch ground water levels, dewatering programs and even changes to the soil properties under inundated conditions. To provide a closer monitoring and detection of any potential lateral soil movement, settlement or even formation of slip circle failures, STATS offer to incorporate a geotechnical instrumentation program to the Client to monitor any tell-tale signs, so that an intervention plan can be carried out earlier.

Partnering with precise instrumentation suppliers, STATS offer the services of installation and monitoring some common geotechnical instrumentation:

  • Inclinometers to monitor and detect any lateral soils movement,
  • Vibrating wires piezometers to monitor and detect any changes to soil pore pressures,
  • Tell tale extensometers, settlement markers to identify any deep and shall soil settlement,
  • Ground water monitoring.
Instrumentation - Installation of inclinometer systems after borehole drilling program
Installation of inclinometer systems after borehole drilling program
Instrumentation - Inclinometer installation work
Inclinometer installation work
Instrumentation - Vibrating Wire Piezometer installation
Vibrating Wire Piezometer installation


Our offices and laboratories are mainly based in Perth, Karratha and Singapore. We provide services to our Clients throughout Australia and Singapore. We have professionals who are Chartered Engineers of Australia and Professional Engineers of Singapore. Our laboratories are NATA accredited and SINGLAS accredited to ISO 17025.